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Breast Health & Cancer Risk: More Than Just Mammograms

When it comes to staying abreast of your breast health, regular mammograms are lifesavers, detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages when it’s highly treatable. 

 That said – mammograms can’t prevent cancer.  While there is still no known way to prevent the disease – research indicates that maintaining good health overall lowers your risk.

These Healthy Habits May Lower Your Risk for Breast Cancer

For women who are known to have a higher risk of breast cancer – these proactive steps may reduce the risk of developing it as well.

Eat the rainbow 

The link between diet and breast cancer is not clear, but studies suggest that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables (especially cruciferous ones) can lower your risk.


Research suggests that breastfeeding can lower a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. The longer you’re able to breastfeed, the better.

Stay active

You already know that working out is good for you. It makes you feel energized, strong, and attractive. On top of that, it’s thought to reduce your risk. So that’s one more excuse to get moving!

Watch your weight

Obesity increases the risk for a number of diseases – including breast cancer.

Don’t smoke or drink 

Smoking is bad for a million reasons. We all know this. Unfortunately, things aren’t so cut and dry with alcohol. While studies show that as little as one drink per day can increase your breast cancer risk, they also say a serving of red wine daily can lower your risk of heart disease. The key here is moderation. Drinking socially over the course of your lifetime probably won’t increase your individual risk significantly – however, frequent binge drinking might.

Regular mammograms 

Ok, so mammograms won’t decrease your breast cancer risk. But they are essential to maintaining breast health – and ensuring early treatment if necessary. If you’re due for breast cancer screening, schedule your mammogram with Bergen Imaging Center now!

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