Breast Biopsy

Bergen Imaging Center leads the field in early detection of breast cancer. We pride ourselves not only on our state-of-the-art facilities —but also on our world-class staff.

We offer three different biopsy procedures, including: ultrasound guided fine needle aspirations, ultrasound guided cyst aspirations, and ultrasound guided core needle biopsies.

Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA)

This fast and simple procedure uses ultrasound technology to guide a very fine needle to the area in question (an abnormal growth, lump, etc.). A small liquid tissue sample is then removed and sent to the laboratory for further examination. The process takes around 20-30 minutes.

Ultrasound Guided Cyst Aspiration

This procedure is similar to FNA but is used specifically for the removal or drainage of breast cysts.

Ultrasound Guided Core Needle Biopsy

This procedure uses ultrasound technology to guide a hollow needle to the area in question. The needle is reinserted multiple times in order to obtain solid tissue samples, which are then sent to a laboratory for further examination.  This process takes around 30 minutes.

Patients will be called with their laboratory results in 3-5 business days.