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Breast Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate: Breast Cancer Diagnosis NJ

Originally published in November 2015 as “Breast Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate” – updated December 2020 Breast Cancer doesn’t care about your race, sex, age, socio-economic status. You can receive a breast cancer diagnosis even if you lead a healthy lifestyle; it doesn’t discriminate.  That said, some groups of women (and men) are more likely than others...

Breast Cancer Survivors Skipping Mammograms

Breast Cancer Diagnosis, NJ:  Breast Cancer Survivors May Be Skipping Out on Mammograms

A recent study suggests that breast cancer survivors aren’t getting regular follow-up mammograms – even when their insurance covers the procedure. Most doctors recommend that women undergo frequent mammograms after surviving a breast cancer diagnosis in order to detect disease recurrence, and catch it in its earliest stages. However, a recent study published in the...

Breast Cancer Diagnosis NJ

Breast Cancer Diagnosis NJ: What are the Warning Signs?

By staying on top of your breast health, and going in for regular mammograms, you can potentially avoid a late stage breast cancer diagnosis. As we all know—mammograms save lives by detecting breast cancer in its earliest stages—when it’s still treatable. While monthly breast self-exams are no longer recommended as a screening tool for breast...

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