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Women’s Imaging Center, NJ: Bergen Imaging Center

One of the benefits of scheduling an appointment at Bergen, a women’s imaging center in Englewood, NJ, is that we are a privately owned facility and not associated with any hospital. 

When it comes to insurance billing you’ll generally pay less out-of-pocket for an outpatient visit than an in-patient visit.  That’s because hospital affiliated imaging centers charge additional hospital and facility fees. 

What you need to know when searching for “Women’s Imaging Center, NJ”

1. In order to keep insurance costs down, find out if the NJ women’s imaging center is affiliated with, owned by, or linked to a local hospital. If so, consider finding a different location for your ultrasound or mammogram. 

2.  Google the address of the imaging center in NJ to see if it’s associated with a hospital or other medical facility. Sometimes what appears to be a stand-alone radiologist’s office is really hospital-owned or affiliated. 

3. If you’ve already made an appointment – make sure to check for signage or paperwork that indicates the women’s imaging center is part of a hospital. Let the receptionist know you may need to cancel the appointment if there are additional fees.

4.  Once you’ve confirmed that the NJ imaging center is privately-owned, make sure that the radiologist is board-certified, and specializes in women’s imaging.  

Bergen Imaging Center checks all the boxes.  We’re a privately-owned NJ women’s imaging facility dedicated to excellence in imaging.  When you’re one of our patients, there’s never hidden fees or charges. 


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