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Women’s Imaging Center in NJ: How to Find the Right One For You

There are many women’s imaging centers in New Jersey to choose from – but not all are created equal. When you need a mammogram, ultrasound, or even a breast biopsy, you want it examined by a radiologist who specializes in women’s imaging – not a generalist. 

Here are some questions to ask when researching the best women’s imaging center for your needs:

Do they offer 3D Mammograms?

Studies have shown that 3D mammography is better at detecting some smaller cancers than 2D mammograms. It’s also easier for radiologists to read because it can ‘see through’ tissue unlike traditional mammograms. Research also indicates that 3D mammography detects more breast cancers in dense breasts than 2D. 

Bergen Imaging Center is the first freestanding women’s imaging center in Bergen County to offer mammography with the Senographe Pristina, GE Healthcare’s new 3D  mammography system.  The Senographe was created by women, for women – and maximizes comfort during a traditionally uncomfortable procedure. 

It also uses the lowest radiation dose of any 3D technology on the market. 

Do they have flexible scheduling?

You shouldn’t have to lose an entire day of productivity  to an imaging appointment. We offer flexible scheduling and even do same day appointments for some of our services. While many doctors’ offices are notorious for long wait times, we’ll do everything we can to see you at your scheduled time. 

Do the radiologists specialize in women’s imaging?

Our in-house doctor, Dr. Christopher L. Petti is an award winning board-certified radiologist who specializes in women’s imaging and nothing else. 

Bergen Imaging Center in Bergen County, NJ is a privately owned, non-hospital associated facility dedicated to excellence in women’s imaging. There are no facility fees or hidden charges when you are one of our patients. 

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